The Faces Behind Oneiric

The faces

Behind Oneiric

The Spirit behind everything Oneiric.






Shan Pascall, the spirit behind everything Oneiric, brings all the magic to the table. Her enthusiasm and passion for the farm and the wine is as much a selling point as the wine itself. And it’s not hard to see where that passion comes from, for any visitor to Oneiric will tell you that the farm, like it’s name suggests, is a dream like encounter – beauty abounds from all corners of the farm and the Kogelberg Biosphere adds to its spectacular backdrop.

Shan is the middle child of the Pascall’s who is fast making Oneiric one of South Africa’s most sought after wines. Born in Zimbabwe and schooled in Johannesburg, Shan jumped at the opportunity to run the wine side of Oneiric in late 2011. Shan’s father, Matt Pascall, bought the farm both for it’s aesthetic beauty as much as for a change of lifestyle in 2007. Finding that there where already established vines on the farm, Matt approached his long time friend Andrew Gunn (Iona) and asked him if he’d see what the vines could produce.

Over the course of three years Matt drank his way through about 500 bottles of the growing collection.  Shan soon realised that he was never going to get through the 95 000 wines that were now in storage and suggested that she take the wines to market.

Shan relocated to Cape Town and in January 2012 threw herself into the task of getting Oneiric off the ground, she acquiring the required liquor licensing for the farm in a record 8 months, getting labels designed, bottles labelled, all logistics in order, suppliers sourced, Cape Wine courses under her belt and had the wines ready to take to market by WineX Cape Town in November 2012.

Shan took her brother Blaize along for support at WineX, and while busy with a trade customer, heard Blaize tell Micheal Fridjon (Reciprocal Wines), “No, we don’t lease (lees) the wine, we own to sell”.  Mr Fridjon left the stand making notes and turned to team Oneiric with the simple line “I like you.. you’re fresh!

Shan’s philosophy for Oneiric is exactly that; a fresh, out-of-the-box approach. Within three years of introducing Oneiric to the market, Oneiric is already well recognised as one of South Africa’s finest wineries with all wines receiving huge acclaim across the board and scoring points time and time again in their 90’s (100 point system).

Shan has elevated the winery’s relentless commitment to quality in every aspect of the business.  She is behind the licensing, operations, wine sales and marketing and if you drop in at the farm for a tasting, Shan will likely be there to greet you with a warm welcome and a smile.  Her natural ability to chat to anyone means that guests often arrive as strangers but leave as friends.

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